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Yummy food along the way

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

After feeling under the weather for a week thanks to my COVID booster, I decided it was time to explore downtown Billings in search of some breakfast.

My appetite had finally returned and I wanted to find a really good breakfast place before I left town. After looking online, I stumbled across Stella's Kitchen. It was just down the street from my hotel, and it had great reviews. After putting on my boots and winter jacket, I was on my way. As I stepped out on the street, I was instantly awakened as a brisk 26 degree breeze danced its way across my face. I walked 0.3 miles, approaching the unpretentious corner restaurant. It was around 10:30 when I arrived. To my surprise, it was crowded for a Friday morning. It's usually a good thing when your arrival is met with a crowd of locals. I knew I'd be in for a treat!

After waiting about ten minutes, I was called back to a table in the middle of their dining room.

The dining room was full of people, laughing and chatting, carrying on about their lives. I like to people watch and being alone out here affords me all the time in the world to watch and observe people around me.

We are all, myself included, so wrapped up in our own lives. It's almost hard to fathom that there are 7.9 billion other people in the world with the same triumphs and struggles. In just this week, I have felt so alone and sequestered out here, but how many people in the world feel exactly the same? It's been a reminder to myself to be kind to the people around me and to show a little more grace. You never know what others are going through and what battles they’re fighting.

The waitress was kind enough to suggest a few menu items but all her suggestions centered around eggs, one food item that I don't eat. After pouring over the menu for a while,

I decided to order the huckleberry crepes with a side of bacon. The description reads 'served with cream cheese filling, whipped topping' - they had me at cream cheese.

They came out warm and sweet. The cream cheese on the inside was the perfect amount of sweet and sour. The huckleberries were tender and juicy. It was the perfect combination of sour cream cheese and sweet huckleberry. I don't think I can ever recall ordering crepes before, so I'm certainly no crepe connoisseur, but these were definitely a hit that I would order again.

The side of bacon was perfectly cooked. I love thick cut bacon and this serving didn't disappoint! It came with four hearty slices and I only managed to eat two. After giving it my best effort, I could only eat 1.5 crepes and half the bacon. Sadly, I had to leave the rest behind. My hotel room doesn't have a fridge or microwave or you better bet these leftovers would have accompanied me back to my room. If you know me, you know I don't usually do leftovers, so that's saying something!

Over all, I would rate Stella's Kitchen as:

Cleanliness: 8/10

Friendliness: 10/10

Food Presentation: 7/10

Dish: 7/10

Value: 7/10

Stella's Kitchen is definitely a delicious stop for breakfast. They offer lunch items that sounded yummy and had a whole case of baked goods that had me drooling on my way out the door. I definitely recommend eating here and hope to stop in once more before my travels take me away from Billings.

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